A Magical Vortex of Bending Time and Space

Also known as me writing the next chapter and realising that a) it’s super long and needs to be split in two, and most importantly b) pretty much all of the problems I’ve been having with the story so far could be pretty much solved if I put the events of what was supposed to be the next chapter into the middle of the current Chapter 3.

My problem has mainly been with the pacing and handling Amelia’s reaction to Tad. I really haven’t wanted her to just accept it just like that, because she isn’t really used to this and Tad does stand for what she fears the most at the moment. But at the same time I know that if she just shut herself out we wouldn’t have a story or at the very least the story would stop for as long as she needs to figure things out (or then I’m just a crappy writer who can’t find another way). Which is not the point. Or well, her dealing with this is one of the points but not in a way that she needs to really think about going along with this.

Anyway, with this rearranging of events I’m way more happy with how this story develops. Unfortunately that means that those who read the original Chapter 3 and still want to follow the story will probably need to do some extra work to find the parts they haven’t read yet (or subject themselves for a reread). I’m sorry! This is what I get for not outlining things properly and then later realising I should have done things differently.

So I’ve made the original Chapter 3 private, and will probably either delete it and make a new one or revamp it into chapter 5. The new chapter 3 will be out in a minute.

Bear with me you lovely people! 🙂

EDIT: Here’s the link to the new Chapter 3


5 thoughts on “A Magical Vortex of Bending Time and Space

  1. I can totally understand the whole “it’s too long as one chapter thing” and wanting to redo it. I am trying to go forward in my story and shorten chapters, but often I write what I write and then post so sometimes it’s long and sometimes it’s extra long. 🙂

    I love your writing style so I will totally bear with you.

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