A Wild Animal Award Appeared!

Hi! I’m so happy because I got plenty of nominations for a new blogging award! You guys are so lovely! You can find the post on it on my other blog, so I won’t repeat it here. I’ll just post a link to it:

Animal Awards Everywhere!

I’ll get back to writing my stories soon. I’ve been doing some image optimising for this blog, so that has taken some time. And right now I have some technical difficulties. Meaning my computer finally died on me for reals, I think. I do have a new one already, but it’s in my hometown and I’m not. But I’ll get back to writing soon, I promise.

Have a lovely time everyone!


3 thoughts on “A Wild Animal Award Appeared!

    • 🙂 Don’t worry. I’ll get back to writing these soon. And I have the next chapters of both this and The Fey of Life screenshotted at least halfway through. Now I’ll just need to test how my new computer truly handles the Sims 3 (so far it looks promising) and I have to do my last school assignments and then I’ll have enough peace of mind to really get back to writing.

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      • Good luck Im just working on my last essay for university myself and cant wait to be done with it so I can delve head first back into everything Sims related. Your stories provided me with a spur of procrastination though haha Back to work now though 😀

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