Unique and Versatile

…are words that make for a very pompous-sounding title for a post. :/ But it just means that The Chrysanthemum Tango got more nominations for both the Versatile Blogger Award (my original post here) and the Unique Blogger Award (original post here). I’m so honoured!

This time the nomination came from the amazing Twiggy, whose stories and builds can be found HERE. Thank you so much, Twiggy!

Also Twiggy’s award posts are here: Versatile and Unique. Do check them out too and find other awesome nominees!

So, since Versatile required me to share some random facts, I figured I’d try to come up with more random facts for this post. So here we go:

1. My Sims-forums/Wordpress name, RipuAncestor, is a combination of two nicknames my friends gave me when I was fifteen. Ripu is a shortened/cute version of my real first name, and some of my friends still call me that. And Ancestor is a translation of Esi-isä, which I was called because I was the oldest and “wisest” in our group of friends. 🙂

2. My favourite game genres are stealth games and Western RPGs (…in which I almost always play stealthy characters if the option is given). Also, if games give me the option to play non-lethally, I very often choose to do so.

3. I got interested in drawing and other visual arts when I was very young, so my parents enrolled me in some evening art classes for kids when I was five. Apparently back then that art school had a two-day entrance exam, which I weirdly enough have absolutely no memory of. I must have passed, though, since going to that art school was one of my hobbies for over a decade.

4. I have Raynaud’s disease, which simply means that my fingers or toes can turn completely white and lose all feeling in colder temperatures. It’s not dangerous, merely annoying. Hey, this did ask for random facts. 😀

5. One of my hobbies is rollerblading, but I often forget to mention it if someone asks what my hobbies are. That may be because the rollerblading season here is quite short, so I could say that it’s my hobby only during the summer.

6. I have a tendency to name everyday objects that I like or use a lot (and yes, this probably became apparent in my previous Versatile Award -post too :D). For example, my current laptop is named Leonard and my cell phone is Walter.

7. When I started writing more in English, I used to alternate between American and British spelling (between pieces of writing, not in a single story). But during my exchange studies in Ireland, my English spelling quite naturally settled for British… though there might still be times when I accidentally mix some minor things up about that.

And here are the questions for the Unique Blogger Award:

  1. When did you find out about simlit and what did this discovery do to you?
    I don’t remember exactly, but I was in my teens. I think around 16 years old, maybe? So that means I’ve known about SimLit for around a decade now. And I was very excited to find them! I’d always had a story-driven approach to my Sims-playing, and now I realised that there was a whole community of these people! I was inspired right away to try my hand in creating my own Sims story.
  2. When and where do you find the inspiration to write simlit?
    Anywhere. Like with all of my writing, really. I can never tell in advance when the ideas strike or where they come from. The game is a good source of inspiration, as is talking to other people (mostly other SimLit authors). And of course, reading and other media give me plenty of ideas too.
  3. How important is the use of custom content in your game and stories to you and why is this?
    I use quite a bit of CC. Mostly clothes and hair, but I started downloading furniture and poses too when I started my TS3 -writing. For me, CC gives its own flavour and helps me make the game more suited for me and stage things that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult to do in-game. I try to get my CC to match the Maxis-made stuff as well as possible, though, and I don’t want to rely too much on CC.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you all are doing well. I should really start doing my daily NaNo-writing now… so bye!


4 thoughts on “Unique and Versatile

  1. Congrats on all the nominations – they’re well-deserved 😀
    You’re not the only one to name objects around you. My computer is called Ralf. The laptop I use for work is called sir Henry, and my iPad’s called Frank 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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