Cosmic: Tad to Steve 1

Hello, Mr. Steve.

You can call me Thanatos Dustpine, or just Tad, if you wish to call me anything at all. I am a part of the Pen Pal Project, and I am writing to you because I would like to start a correspondence. I believe this is how it works. I write to you and you consider whether or not you want to write back.

I am delighted to make your acquaintance. If you want to, that is. Please do not feel obligated to write back to me if you do not wish to do so. I will understand.

However, since you joined this Project, you do want someone to write to. You said in your profile that you want friends. That is an admirable goal; something I too wish for myself – and for you too.

A friend of mine – a friend who got me into this project because she thought (correctly) that I need more meaningful connections in my existence – told me that waiting for people to write to me is all well and good, but that maybe I should get out of my comfort zone and take initiative in contacting people in this Project. So after some thinking I did let my friend help me find someone I might dare write to. And we found you.

I am sorry if I sound forward, but you are fascinating. Well, many things are; each individual has a story that I would love to hear should they wish to share it. However, it is not every day I meet someone who is both 90 years and one week old. And you said that you want someone who does not mind when you do not know things. I can safely say that I do not mind that. I do not know many things either, especially when it comes to living a life, so something about your application struck a chord, so to speak.

You also said that participating in this project may be good practice for your hands. I imagine it is. I got a notebook and I am writing each of these letters – and every letter in these letters – with a pen. The way my hand slides across real paper, and the tiny movements that draw symbols are something I too have experienced too little. Or perhaps you will want to write your letters on a computer or some other typing tool. I would assume that would help with your fine motor skills even more. With computers people often use many fingers – some two and some all ten and some something in between. I have not often touched a computer, since technology and I do not get along, but I have sometimes used an old typewriter. I like the click-click-click sound it makes and the feel of the buttons pressing down and the tiny recoil of the letter slamming into place. I suppose it is gentler with a computer, but I can assume it is good for your hands nonetheless. When done in moderation, of course.

You said that people fascinate you. People fascinate me too. I have met many people and many other living things in my work. So while I do not think that I myself am very interesting, I think I may be able to tell you about people. Nothing too personal, of course. And I would like to know more about you. About your life in the laboratory. About you in general. Have you ever planned to go outside of the laboratory? Or is it even possible for you? If you do not mind me asking, of course.

I was informed that I should also tell you something about myself. I suppose you can find my profile in the Pen Pal Project site if you wish to know even more. And you can write back to me if you are still curious after that. As I said, I am usually called Tad. I am a spiritual guide and a gardener, and I would like to talk to more people even outside my work. I like the world and the beings in it. I love plants and I love reading. I have a few very good friends and – as I said – I would love to have more.

If I sound like someone you would like to write back to, then I would be honoured. If not, then I simply wish you all the best.

Respectfully yours,

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7 thoughts on “Cosmic: Tad to Steve 1

  1. Oh, this is absolutely perfect! 😀 I can see Steve really loving this (and I certainly do). Tad has such a lovely voice, it really puts you at ease. I’ll try to get a letter done once I’ve managed to smuggle him out of the lab, so hopefully over the next week 🙂 Thank you again, so much, for doing this! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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