Cosmic: Tad to Gee-Jay 2

Response to Gee-Jay’s 2nd letter.

Hello, Ms./Mr. Gee-Jay. Or Mr. McCumber and Ms. Giuliana or Ms. Tazer. Or Mr. %(*)% and Ms. dsajkpwaorijwapeindklcxpidrheiawmvdmfg @@ aseprieam ## amkdfpaewi 56g967.

I am terribly sorry. I did not mean to cause such concern and possibly harmful amounts of laughter. I honestly do not know how I even did that. Well, I suppose your thorough analysis of my writing shed some light on the matter, but I am still quite puzzled. I am sorry. I have been trying to sound less formal, but it is very difficult for me. Informal aspects of language have always eluded me.

Anyway, it is good that you took precautions to avoid hysteria. Death by laughter is not very common, but it is not unheard of either. I am very glad that I did not cause you to die. Even accidentally. That would have been terribly inconsiderate of me. Not to mention against many laws and rules. I will try to be more careful.

And yet, I am glad I made you more cheerful and delighted. It is good to know I can cause some happiness from time to time. And I am glad you still wish to write me. Your words are beautiful, and it is a delight to read them.

“Time for thinking” sounds like a lovely name for a club. Though I also like Gee’s club-name. “Now!” is a very short and clear, yet meaningful word. Now is something very few can escape, after all. But I suppose “Time for thinking” is more specific and tells a lot about the function of the club. I would love to join your “Time for Thinking” -club. Though I am not sure what I would need to do. I have never been a part of a club or an association that has nothing to do with work. I suppose clubs are for making people feel more connected and have a sense of belonging to a group and doing things together. Sometimes even when they are not physically in the same area or even country. Or planet. Or perhaps even universe. It feels that this Project has joined many people in a club of sorts.

Oh, I am straying from the point again, aren’t I? Yes, I would like to be a part of your club and try to figure out the mysteries of this world with you. And yes, I do spend a lot of time deep in thought. Sometimes I have nothing else to do. Or more accurately, sometimes a part of my mind has nothing else to do. And the world has so many things that warrant deep thinking, does it not? From the space-time continuum to the way bones and muscles are connected. And the way numbers become pictures and signals in a nervous system become intricate thought patterns that can create and destroy. And cupcakes. There are so many different types of them, and they are made to look pretty even though they will soon be eaten, and despite being food their main function to many seems to be happiness instead of a source of energy.

I am glad you were touched by my words, Gee. You are of course welcome to tell Mr. Mann about me when you write him. And Jasper, I do not think the words to the deceased need to be put on paper, should one not wish so. Writing or talking or thinking, the medium does not matter. If the message is to go through, I am sure it will. You said you believe there is more to a person than just the body. I like to think so too, even if saying that may sound unprofessional to someone who is bound to accept and respect all kinds of worldviews because of their job.

That – perhaps not so directly – brings us to what you said about consciousness and time and space. I do not think consciousness is something that can simply pop into existence. At least not usually. Usually it needs to grow and develop. The more simple lifeforms evolve into ones with more capacity for thought and a more defined consciousness. The malleable souls of small children gather information and influence and become more tangible, more complex. So I think a consciousness that has no time would not become quite as layered and deep as one with time can. It would be no less precious, as all consciousness has infinite value to me, but perhaps less likely to think about questions such as what you are thinking now. As for space… I suppose a consciousness could be completely intangible and require no space. But it would still need some kind of state of existence, at least.

This is just speculation, though. I could be wrong. Perhaps you will figure out the numbers you were talking about. The equations and theories. Sometimes numbers and equations and theories can explain something that is impossible to prove or even put into images. I wish you luck with that. Do let me know if you figure things out. I am not that good with numbers. In my work it is important not to start turning too many things into numbers, even though sometimes it might help. But for you, I am sure numbers can be helpful and not make things too impersonal.

Thank you so much for writing me. I appreciate your words and your desire to connect with me. There are not many who wish to do so. I would like to know more about your lives and your thoughts. They sound very interesting, and you seem like very lovely people. How have your lives been lately? What do you like to do in addition to thinking about things, telling jokes, and founding clubs about pirates?

I look forward to hearing from you again, and I wish you all the best.

Respectfully yours,


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