Arc 1: Ch. 1-45

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Chapter 1: Life Half Full
Amelia Sprigg has a plan to turn her money troubles around by renting out a room in her house. The new tenant seems to have some secrets, however. But that’s no reason to get worried. I mean, nothing odd ever comes out of secretive new arrivals… right?

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Chapter 2: A Day of Friendship, a Night of Death
Amelia and Tad strike up a promising friendship. However, things are not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, the universe would much rather mess with Amelia quite thoroughly. In other words: Tad’s biggest secret is revealed, and the results might not be pretty.

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Chapter 3: Of Stolen Things and Sorcery
There are many defence mechanisms, and Amelia has found hers. That’s also why she isn’t that shocked when she ends up investigating a theft at the occult side of Riverview. Or is she?

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Chapter 4: The Ley Line Nexus
Amelia and Tad’s investigation leads them to Riverview’s very own supernatural commune. Amelia realises that she isn’t quite as okay as she has thought.

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Chapter 5: Stoves, Funerals, and Anthills
Now that Amelia is adjusting to her role as Tad’s landlady and teacher of humanity, things can calm down in her life again. Perhaps it is time for a cooking lesson and a polite funeral-crashing.

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Chapter 6: Questions
Soul-searching and uncertainty arise, but there is still always time for beauty.

Chapter 7: How to Grow Money on Trees
Although not one to waste money, Amelia has never liked worrying about it, and she’s sure she will manage. But broken appliances and the realisation of just how her new tenant pays the rent might cause her to rethink that.

Chapter 8: Chasing the Messenger
It’s time to start following the breadcrumbs – or mind trails of people – to discover the culprit to one of the most idiotic heists ever pulled.

Chapter 9: Sanguine
The thief has been found, and now there’s just the matter of catching him. That means new wondrous sights and new dilemmas to solve. Amelia begins to wonder yet again what she has got herself into.

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Chapter 10: Clear Waters
After the events of Bridgeport, a moment of calm is more than welcome for Amelia. As is a friendly ear and some more explanations about just what is going on around her.

Chapter 11: Of Attachments, Fate, and Loneliness
After yet another humanity lesson, Amelia is feeling better. But now Tad seems to be worried about something. Perhaps the mysterious woman showing up in his garden has something to do with it…

Chapter 12: Emily
Tad rescues someone for the first time, at least according to his own words. And rescues mean bonds to new people. It’s more than enough to make an unprepared being feel a bit tangled.

Chapter 13: Garden Retreat
It’s not just Amelia who sometimes needs a break to think about things. This time it’s Tad’s turn. But perhaps his approach to it isn’t the best. At least it makes Amelia very worried.

Chapter 14: Full Moon
As Tad continues his meditation, Amelia wanders into a rather dangerous situation. But frightening situations are at least good for discovering something new about oneself.

Chapter 15: Light Side, Grey Side
Things are going smoothly in Riverview. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going downhill elsewhere.

Chapter 16: Dead Ends and New Leads
When one door closes, another can of worms is opened. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Chapter 17: The Necromancer
It’s time for a meeting with a retired necromancer in a creepy swamp. It goes about as well as one would expect.

Chapter 18: Returns
Tad, Amelia, and Novak return home with new leads and new questions. But they aren’t the only ones who are coming back home.

Chapter 19: Threads
What is Amelia’s mother doing back in Riverview? Will the gemstone ever be found? What is Fate up to? What is the diameter of the universe? Most of these questions will be answered here.

Chapter 20: Wishes and Waves
Shots are fired. Birthdays are discussed. Gifts are planned. And the ripples in the universe start to form waves.

Chapter 21: Gifts
Some gifts are impossible to wrap into neat little boxes and decorate with bows. Though Tad wouldn’t be good at wrapping any gifts, really. But that’s not really relevant when one has the power to travel between states of reality.

Chapter 22: A Place in the World
Tad ponders his journey and the world – big surprise. Sometimes it’s the smallest sparks that light the biggest fires.

Chapter 23: Dreams and Nightmares
What was there to be said about dreams? What about nightmares? Almost anything, really, but this chapter tells just a few things about some specific dreams, nightmares, and a morbid yet reassuring eternity.

Chapter 24: They All Meet in an Inn
It’s finally time to get back on track and try to face the people behind the gemstone-theft. But there are always things that get in the way, and sometimes those obstacles can take unexpected forms.

Chapter 25: Cause, Effect, Love
Death and Love walk into a bar… and that’s not the beginning of a joke.

Chapter 26: Party Crashers
A fairytale castle (almost), pretty dresses, and tiny foods… Amelia has really found her adventure. And Tad is about to finally reach the thieves he has been after. So what could possibly go wrong? Everything, really.

Chapter 27: Cemetery Chase
Cemeteries are supposed to be peaceful places. Tonight… not so much.

Chapter 28: Water Under the Bridge
 A truce is made. Familial love is (not) displayed. And being alive makes for a delicious spice.

Chapter 29: Paying Debts, Saying Goodbye
Flowers, stories, debts, and a sombre parting make for an emotionally draining day.

Chapter 30: Hospitality
Amelia thinks about gifts and pity and bribes while she tries to go back to normal. It’s not that easy, as even kindness feels more complicated than usually.

Chapter 31: Break. Connection.
Tad takes a break and tries to make a friend. It works. Maybe.

Chapter 32: Spooky Day Fragments
It’s Spooky Day, a time of spirits, jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, and remembering-how-we’ve-got-to-this-point. And possibly also a time for frightening encounters.

Chapter 33: The Month of Death
It’s the time when nature starts falling asleep, and Riverview is getting sleepy as well. But encounters are still encountered, and plans are still planned.

Chapter 34: Of Schemes, Corpses, and Birthdays
A spectrum of emotions, a spectrum of life and death… that’s what both questionable schemes and everyday life often entail.

Chapter 35: Heart-to-Hearts
Amelia thinks about love. Tad seems to be worried about something. Awkward talks ensue.

Chapter 36: Out of Time
Time is running out, but Time also has something to say. Tad faces ethical dilemmas while unfriendly forces – and people – seem to be on the move.

Chapter 37: Champions and Pawns
Cosmic beings are definitely not the only ones who are trying to play with the lives of Amelia and her friends. Most of the time it’s the people one has to be really afraid of.

Chapter 38: Hunted
Amelia learns what it’s like to be hunted. It’s not a pleasant nor a pretty lesson.

Chapter 39: From Bad to Worse
Regrets, fears, and a short respite. Is this the calm before the storm? Yes, yes it is.

Chapter 40: Cheating Death
Sometimes it’s about narrowly avoiding something fatal. And sometimes it’s about hitting Death hard enough for things to go all kinds of wrong.

Chapter 41: Mindscapes
When the worst happens, one might not even be safe in one’s own mind. Let alone somebody else’s. Time keeps running out for everyone.

Chapter 42: Askew
The world feels when things are not right. Amelia, Vanja, Novak, and many others feel it too. And it’s time to do something about it. Meanwhile, Tad and Emily have their own battles to fight.

Chapter 43: Timely Interventions
Sometimes the darkest hour can fit into seconds.

Chapter 44: Trial and Error
Tad has to face the consequences of his adventure. He’s not the only one who ends up facing things. Sometimes both help and enemies can come from surprising places.

Chapter 45: The Not Quite Perfect Life
Endings. Beginnings. It’s not perfect, but when is life perfect anyway?