AmeliaAmelia Flavia Sprigg
Amelia is a woman with an infinitely positive attitude towards life, something that a tiny fear of death isn’t going to snuff out. After the death of her father, Amelia technically inherited the family’s big old house, and now has a Plan to turn her financial problems around. It’s going to go great, right? It’s not like she’s going to end up inviting bizarre people and even more bizarre events into her life.

Amelia cherishes her friends and family more than anything, and is also a hopeless romantic. To have some cosmic balance in her life, she works in an insurance company, which keeps her more or less grounded in reality.

Thanatos “Tad” DustpineTad
Tad has a stressful job, but he still manages to stay true to his reputation as a competent, fair, if aloof professional. Too bad that outside of his work he is hopelessly shy and socially awkward. Then there’s this whole thing with moving in to live with a nice yet excitable woman and figuring out what it means to be a tenant and to… well, live a life. Aside from being hopeless in social situations, Tad is also very bad with all things electronic. But want to talk philosophy about the meaning of life or get whisked away into a magical adventure? Then Tad Dustpine just might be your guy if you’re lucky.

If not, then don’t worry. You’ll still meet him at some point.


Vanja Leifsdóttir
She’s a genius. She’s competent. She has three and a half degrees in various scientific fields. And she sells the best herbs and potions you can imagine. Or that’s at least what she herself would say. To be fair, she really is pretty smart and mixes pretty good potions. Oh, and she’s also a sorceress with some neurotic tendencies and a rather fiery attitude. Some might call her a bitch, but rarely to her face. And really, she’s not that bad once you get to know her.

…Unless of course you get to know her in unfortunate circumstances.

Novak SanguineNovak
An unrepentant burglar, hacker, and blogger with an eventful and mysterious past. Mysterious in the way that while he does tell people about it, one can never be sure which parts are the truth. Still, for a lying, stealing son of a bitch he is rather friendly and has a good sense of humour.

He calls himself a realist, and indeed, his life is realistically speaking rather screwed up. No reason not to crack jokes about it while trying to survive and striving to be the best thief specialising in stealing magical artefacts there can be, though.


Emily Sato
Emily has lived her early childhood in almost complete isolation. On top of that, she was still young when she lost her mother in a tragic accident. Now she has to figure out how to grow up healthy and balanced even amidst trauma. Luckily she has some loving, good adults around her, including the nice young man who helped her mother move on. Emily doesn’t understand quite everything yet, but she’s willing to learn as long as she doesn’t get overwhelmed by new things.

Emily loves music and the world, but often her love and curiosity get overshadowed by fear. That’s where the nightmares come in…

Fate has a lot on her plate. There’s her obsessive need to control the world, her threatening premonitions about future disasters, and her occasional inability to be in the same room with Tad Dustpine without starting a fight. Still, she manages herself just fine and is more than happy to point out when someone else gets out of line.

Despite her often petty actions, she’s just doing her job, really. Or so she thinks, even when things get a bit too personal. So what if she sometimes gets a little overwhelming need to be right? That never hurt anyone!


Lydia Deacon
If one would describe Lydia Deacon with one word, it would be “ambitious”. What else could she be if she wants to become powerful, set herself free of control and to prove wrong the disappointment of her old-fashioned family, and win a slightly misguided bet that might have sent her a bit further into the world of the unknown than she has expected.

Lydia is an iron-willed businesswoman, a scientist in physics, and even has a degree in psychology and ties to powerful, sometimes questionable people. So she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, at least according to her own words.


Gaius Deacon
Gaius is the youngest in the long line of powerful sorcerers in the Deacon family, and the Deacon family’s current favourite child. He is obsessed with necromancy and loves all things cute and decomposing. He also adores his older sister Lydia, and is usually willing to go along with her plans even when they make him feel uneasy.

Gaius is a friendly, slightly skittish young man, as long as you don’t get on his – or his sister’s – bad side.

All pictures on this page are drawn by me (RipuAncestor).