My Other Stories


The Fey of Life
When Lynn Farley’s mother remarries, their life should have become perfect. Things never really turn out perfect, though, so no one told Lynn that the marriage deal would include a stepbrother with some creepy qualities that might become more trouble than any of them ever realised. And the strange yet lovable brother isn’t the only one whose past comes back to haunt the newly formed family of four…

Fantasy, drama, suspense, and life ensues.


Sometimes, all it takes is one mistake. One slip-up. One misguided moment that leads to one rather misguided and vengeful ghost. And as the wealthy Eldridge family and one homeless and now also lifeless Sonny Downer soon realise, fixing things is much trickier than breaking them.

This story is based on the Ambrosia Challenge. It takes place in the same universe as Tango, but is otherwise a completely separate story.