Side Story: Cosmic Correspondence

This is going to be a series of correspondence between Sims, started by the amazing CathyTea. For more info about this project, check this forum thread. My participants are Tad and Emily.

This page is for Tad Dustpine’s letters. This might tie into the main Tango-story sometimes, and I try to keep the canon of this story the same as the main story’s, but I still figure I have every right to change what happens to him and others during Tango later if I want.

If you want to see Emily’s letters, here they are.

NOTE: The writing poses, notebook and pen are made by Pickypikachu. Thanks so much!

Tad’s Profile

Tad’s Pen Pals:
, a.k.a Giuliana Kruse and Jasper McCumber by CathyTea
The darkness by MedleyMisty
Steve by Thymeless

The Letters:
To Gee-Jay:
1st, 2nd, 3rd,

To Steve:
1st, 2nd,

To the darkness: