Letters: Emily to Liam 1

In response to Liam Kelly’s first letter

Dear Liam,

Oh my gosh, did you know that your granddaughter Lenora also wrote to me just this other day?! Do you guys have some kind of conspiracy going on or is it just a really weird coincidence? Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that the supernaturally minded people who also happen to take part in this project come from small circles.

Wow, I put one sentence about the supernatural into my profile hoping to meet some people who’d share my interest, and now I’ve got two magical pen pals. So lucky!

Sorry, I’m being rude now. I was just really surprised. Thank you for your letter, really. It’s an honour to meet you and talk to you. It’s okay if you want to talk lots about your family; I’d love to hear more. They sound very nice and amazing. As do you. An old, immortal wizard. So awesome! What’s it like? Being so old without much care about dying? Does time seem to just fly by for you? Do you have enough space in your head for all the memories you’ve accumulated, or do lots of them start falling out? Do you ever get sick?

Also – if you don’t mind me asking – what was it like to die? How did Mathilda manage to get you back? How about the others? Your family seems to be good at not dying.

I’m sorry again. Here I’m going straight to the morbid and private stuff. If any of my questions feel too invasive or rude, feel free not to answer them.

You’re from Ireland, huh? What’s it like to live there? I’d love to visit Ireland. I’d love to visit so many places, really. My life hasn’t been the most eventful so far, but I like to think there’s still plenty of time to do stuff. I mean, I’m still really young. Most of the interesting things that have happened to me have mostly been sad or unpleasant. Like losing people I love. I guess I let slip in my profile that I’m adopted, so as you can probably by now guess, my parents died when I was really young. Well, my dad died before I was born, actually.

Being an orphan is not the first thing I’d like to let people know about me, but around here it always seems to be the first thing people find out anyway. I guess I’ve got so used to it that even I start with that easily.

You said you’ve lost people too. I’m sorry about that. But I’m glad you’ve got lots of family around you too. Mathilda sounds great; is she really an official goddess or do you just call her that?

Oh, I should say something about myself too, right? Well, there’s not that much to tell, really. I feel like I know a lot of interesting and awesome people, but I myself am just some girl. But that’s probably how a lot of people feel like; everything that’s not them is always way better. But I’m me; I’m a girl who likes being outside and reading and music and who has a lovely family. My adoptive family has a mother, who’s a great cook and super kind, and a father, who’s a member of the city council and who always makes time for us kids.

I also have two older sisters, one of whom has recently graduated from university and is now working as an art therapist for troubled children, and who’s about to marry her girlfriend.

My other sister studies communications and graphic design at the university, and she’s so cool. My sisters have moved away, but they visit a lot.

I also have a brother, who still lives here with me and my parents. He’s fun and doesn’t really care what other people think about him, in a sort of quiet, not in-your-face way. He’s also really smart; he wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

And then there’s me; I’m the youngest, and I don’t know much about what I want to do. But I guess I’ll figure it out someday. Meanwhile, I just enjoy the things I like, like playing the guitar – I saw on your profile that you like playing the guitar too; so awesome! – reading, and being outside and with my family and friends.

I’d love to hear more from you. You seem so kind and wonderful.


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6 thoughts on “Letters: Emily to Liam 1

    • As a shy person who reveals a lot of herself in writing I can definitely say that, yes it’s… a thing. 🙂 I think it’s going to be pretty pronounced with Emily especially seeing how she has trouble talking. Sure, she has got better with it throughout the years, but for her it’s a relief to be able to express herself with words so she can easily sometimes let slip a bit too much about herself.

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