Letters: Emily to Lenora 3

Response to Lenora’s third letter.

Dear Lenora,

I’m so sorry for not writing in a while. It’s been so busy here with my sister’s wedding preparations and my school and all. And I also had to use my writing time to get a letter to my other pen pal because we were talking about emotional stuff and I didn’t want them to think I was upset because of the things we talked. And yeah, you were right about me liking your Grandpa. He’s a great friend and a lovely person. Also thank you so much for telling Gentian to get into the Pen Pal Project! I wrote to him, and he’s a really cool guy.

But it’s really nice to write to you too! I was so glad to get your latest letter!

And thank you for being understanding about me not wanting to tell everything about my family right away. I promise that I’ll keep everything you say confidential too – like I have so far.

It was nice to find out even more about you and your family. Though I’m sad and angered that you guys had to go through all that with the kidnapping, revenge and faked death and all. I hate it when people pull innocent people into their own stupid schemes and issues. Sorry, I’m so close to ranting too much. I’ve had some bad experiences with evil schemes too… but let’s not think about that now. I’m just happy your family is okay.

I really hope the kids you adopted will adapt well too. It can be scary at first, being a kid in a new place, especially when everything one used to know is gone. Ripped away just like that. It took me years to come to terms with it. And even after all this time, the pain is still there. But it’s bearable, sometimes even almost not there at all because there are people around me who have helped me shape a new life. People I love and who love me back. So yeah, I can guess that the kids you adopted have a good chance to heal, considering what a wonderful family you seem to have.

It was reassuring to hear that even a professional like you can get nervous before performing. And thank you for telling me how you deal with that nervousness. I think that was partly why I actually said yes when my sister asked me to play the guitar at her wedding.

Speaking of which, the wedding’s over now. Done. And I’m glad about that. I mean, it was fun and beautiful and great, sure, but man, did it take a lot of time and effort! But my sister and her fiancée – well, wife now – looked so happy that I know it was all worth it.

There were fancy-looking guests and awesome food and cake and flowers and music… I got into the feel of it all too. I was even super excited to wear a cute dress, even though I’m usually a tomboy, at least according to my classmates. And yeah, I did play the guitar for quite a while there. It went really well. My other sister played the keyboard – she says she’s not very good, but it didn’t matter much, since her main thing was singing while playing. I took care of most of the music. I could never sing in front of a crowd, though. I mean, I know my voice isn’t that bad, but just speaking in front of lots of people is really scary. Playing the guitar was easier because I didn’t have to use my voice and I could just pretend people were listening to the guitar instead of me.

The people liked my playing too, and I was glad I could do something nice for my sister and her wife. And maybe it wasn’t too bad… maybe I could play a bit more in the public. At least around people I know. But not to too many people at once. At least not to levels of really being famous. I chuckled a bit at your anti-fan wards. They sound creative and effective.

Are your family’s fairytale weddings done already? Or are they still in the preparation stage? I’d love to hear about them!

And thank you for telling me about the time-travelling stones! I had read and heard that stone circles usually mark some kinds of magical places, but I didn’t know you could travel through time with them! Wow! I actually found another set of stones in my town. It was far less dramatic and awesome; it was partly broken. Some of the stones had probably been moved away, so there was no feeling of magic or the past there. Or maybe there was, but it was too faint to feel because the stones were all scattered. They mostly just looked forgotten.

Still, I started thinking that maybe this small countryside town I live in has more secrets and more magic in it than I’d thought. It’s no Moonlight Falls – and I really want to visit that place now! – but it does have little sparks of magic and mystery here and there.

I was thinking that maybe I should start keeping a journal on my walks, kind of like you keep a journal about your life and to sort out your thoughts. It could be a Journal of Finding Magic from Unexpected Places.

…I still need to work on the name.

It sounds like your life is pretty well set up, with people who’ll always be around for you, and with lots of rewarding activities and experiences to keep life meaningful. That’s good. My dad says that life is all about making meaning, and I think it’s even more important if one is immortal. Or then it’s just different. Then it’s less like making a brief life mean something and more like giving meaning for yourself so that you don’t get bored, I guess.

I’d love to hear even more about your life and travels and your family. It sounds like there’s so much more to tell! I mean, if you want to share more, of course. I don’t want to get too nosy.

Wishing you happiness and good times,


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8 thoughts on “Letters: Emily to Lenora 3

  1. This was such an awesome letter, and I’m so glad Emily’s guitar playing for the wedding went well. 🙂 She’s been busy and I love that she’s looking for magic. I can just see her in Moomligjt Falls with wide eyes and a surprised and happy grin as she witnesses all the extraordinary stuff there. I think Lenora will have a lot to tell her in her next letter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, darn, I just realised that in my story, Emily is supposed to visit Moonlight Falls at a young age… Oops! Well, I can work around that and still make it so that her letter here makes sense because I actually think that changing my upcoming storyline rather than changing this letter works better.

      I’m glad you liked the letter!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh man, that happens to me sometimes. Darn those continuity errors! Glad you found a workaround though, but yeah, I’m sure she’d love Moonlight Falls. 🙂 Hopefully, she wouldn’t run into evil Supernaturals though because that certainly would put a damper on things.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Poor Emily. Seeing Supernaturals could go either way. You have ones like Lenora and Liam who are kind and lovely and then you have…well…ones who aren’t who could put the fear of anything otherworldly into a person. I hope she’s strong enough to get past the trauma. From her letters, she’s doing very well and now, she has lovely friends to write to and talk about Supernatural and other things with her. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Emily’s experiences will be scary, but by the time she has joined the pen pal project, she has had a lot of time to heal. Although I’m not sure how calm her life has been even after those events, seeing how she’s five in the main story, and then I’ve jumped forward ten years to these letters, and I don’t yet really know what has happened between these points of time. But yeah, she is doing well now, and her new friends are helping her feel even better.

        Liked by 1 person

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